Thursday, March 31, 2011

Veena Malik: ‘Marriage is like death’

It was only after her sleazy acts with her co-inmate Ashmit Patel in ‘Big Boss 4’ house, did Pakistani actress Veena Malik became a known name in India. So, now the Paksitani actress is planning to shift her base to Mumbai and with a preface to her plans, Veena has been seen at almost all the Bollywood parties and events.
Veena said, “Considering I`ve six homes in Pakistan, I think one in Mumbai is only fair. I need a big home, at least one extra room for my shoes and clothes.”
About her lover Ashmit, Veena says that though they are more than just friends, they are not ready for commitment as yet. Ashmit had also thrown a lavish birthday party for Veena. Veena has also met Ashmit’s parents and partied hard with his sister Ameesha Patel.
“It`s difficult to answer right now. Marriage is like death. You never know when it strikes. It`s really early to consider a life together. What exists between Ashmit and me is special. His is the most dialed number on my phone. In many ways, yes, I love him,” explains the sexy actress.
Going by the way, Bollywood actors fall in and out of love, how long the romance lasts between them, it is for us to wait and watch………….
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