Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hollywood Calling for Udita Goswami?

Seems that Hollywood has become the rescue door for our failed Bollywood actresses, who could not taste success here even with their hot and steamy skin shows. First, it was our bold and sexy Mallika Sherawat and now, it is Udita Gswami who has spent a long stay in Los Angeles and has returned only recently. During the two months she spent in the US she has made a lot of friends and acquaintances and she sees a good prospect of shifting base to Los Angeles to start her sagged acting career afresh.
Udita explains that she could not make it in Bollywood because she does not own very Indian looks and feels that she has better prospects in international arena. To kick start her career there, Udita reportedly met Danny Boyle, Gerard Butler and Danzel Washington and also attended the Oscar festivities where she met the likes of Natalie Portman and Gillian Jacobs.
Her efforts do not end here. She has hired a manager, publicist and a lawyer in the US. She has also penned a story and is turning it into a script and screenplay.
“It’s a women centric film. It’s about a girl. I’m really not sure when the film would go on the floors. If it doesn’t work in Bollywood, I am surely giving it to Hollywood,” Udita says.
Dear Udita, all we have to say is that all you need is a little brushing up on your acting skills…. Rest all will follow!!
udita goswami

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