Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bipasha Basu’s controversial Twitter pic which raised the child labour issue

Bipasha Basu joined in the social networking site, Twitter, late but it seems that she has put her foot in trouble. She was accused of promoting child labour when she posted a pic of hers showing two little girls tying her shoe laces. The pic read, “I need to learn to tie shoe laces ASAP! Embarrassed that I can`t! No patience grrrrr! Promise I am not spoilt! Will learn soon”.
The pic immediately sparked extreme reactions. A follower of her wrote, “Bipasha should be arrested for this act. Only then these film studios will not do any child labour”. Another one posted:, “Disgraceful Bips - cannot believe you are dumb enough to add this photo on Twitter!”
Bipasha immediately deleted the pic from her Twitter page and wrote: “Well, the people helping me in the pics are my friend and sister, who I help often with the same! So am sorry if it hurt anyone’s sentiments!”
She later added, “About the pic, the pair of boots were a different pair so my sis and my friend were helping me and I thought it looked damn funny n took d pic as a joke!…A pic put 4 fun gets picked up by people as `child labour` is absolutely unbelievable. Just so that all get it right: neither of the two are children!…Also `child labour` is a serious issue that can`t be used in such a light connotation,” she wrote in a number of tweets.
“I wish that the ones who created such a furore n reacted immensely, actually do something worthy against child labour,” she wrote.
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