Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shy Imran Khan gets seduced by sexy Soniya Mehra in a bathroom cubicle!!

Imran Khan was in a fix when he had to shoot a scene in which he was to be seduced by his co-star Soniya Mehra in a bathroom cubicle for Shakun Batra’s ‘Short Term Shaadi’. This was Imran’s first scene of its kind and it took some convincing and explanation from producer Karan Johar and director Batra to prepare him for the scene which was shot on sets.
In the film, Imran plays an obsessive-compulsive architect who wants everything in perfection. In this particular scene, Imran and Soniya’s character meet on a date and Soniya, wearing a short outfit, follows him to the men’s loo, even into the cubicle he is in. She pushes him against the wall, trying to undress him, licking and kissing him at the same time. However, the more she tries to get it on, the more he freaks out. Finally, he turns on the shower, aiming it at her. A drenched Soniya looks at him, stunned.
Thus, the scene which starts with a naughty mood takes a comical ending!!
soniya mehra

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